Every story has a start. So here is some background history on how it all began..

Who is HostNinjah?

HostNinjah is a small web hosting company founded on August 2020. Our vision for HostNinjah is to provide affordable yet reliable web hosting for Singaporeans. Although the branding "HostNinjah" is new, rest assured that the owner running the company is experienced in the web hosting industry. We start out small and grow together!


Why Choose Us?

The main difference between us and the other hosting providers is that, HostNinjah's target market is for the Asia region, particularly Singapore (that's where i'm from). We provide affordable hosting for small websites. There are no gimmicks on our hosting pricing plans.

Other providers might offer $5 a month but when you checkout, it shows that you will only get that price if you "pre-pay" for 3 years. That's false advertising! HostNinjah will never do that, if we say it's $5 then it is! No "if's" or "but's".


Our Mission

The main target focus for HostNinjah, is to provide an affordable yet reliable Singapore web hosting to everyone. The cost price for web hosting in Singapore hasn't changed much from 10 years ago and it's about time that HostNinjah step up to the game!

We will expand our network to other datacenter locations only if there is a demand for it. So please do not hesitate to leave us feedback about what you like and what you don't. We are constantly looking for ways to improve everyday.

Best Regards;